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The Reasons social media contributed to 2011 Egyptian Revolution
Rabia Minatullah Sohail, Nadine Chebib
Pages - 139 - 162     |    Revised - 01-09-2011     |    Published - 05-10-2011
Volume - 2   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - September / October 2011  Table of Contents
Social media, 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Facebook
In recent years, social media has become very significant for social networking. In the past, its main use was personal, but nowadays, its becoming part of all facets of our lives, social and political. In the first quarter of 2011, the Middle East has witnessed many popular uprisings that have yet to reach an end. While these uprisings have often been termed “Facebook Revolutions” or “Twitter Revolutions”, there are many ambiguities as to the extent to which social media affected these movements. In this paper we discuss the role of social media and its impact on the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Though the reasons for the uprising were manifold, we will focus on how social media facilitated and accelerated the movement.
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Miss Rabia Minatullah Sohail
MITM - Saudi Arabia
Miss Nadine Chebib
- Saudi Arabia