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Water-Body Area Extraction From High Resolution Satellite Images-An Introduction, Review, and Comparison
Rajiv Kumar Nath, Swapan Kumar Deb
Pages - 353 - 372     |    Revised - 20-01-2010     |    Published - 20-02-2010
Volume - 3   Issue - 6    |    Publication Date - January 2010  Table of Contents
Feature extraction, multi-resolution satellite image, remote sensing, water body
Water resources play an important role in region planning, natural disaster, industrial and agricultural production and so on. Surveying of water-bodies and delineate its features properly is very first step for any planning, especially for places like India, where the land-cover is dominated by water-bodies. Recording images, such as from satellite, sometimes does not reflect the distinguished characteristics of water with non-water features, e.g. shadows of super structures. Image of water body is confused easily with the shadow of skyscraper, since calm water surface induces mirror reflection when it gives birth to echo wave. Over the past decade, a significant amount of research been conducted to extract the water body information from multi-resolution satellite image. The objective of this paper is to review methodologies applied for water body extraction using satellite remote sensing. First, studies on water body detection are treated. Methodological issues related to the use of these methods were summarized. Results from empirical studies, applying water-body extraction techniques are collected and discussed. Important issues for future research are also identified and discussed.
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Mr. Rajiv Kumar Nath
IIT Delhi - India
Dr. Swapan Kumar Deb
Department of Civil Engineering - India