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Image Enhancement by Image Fusion for Crime Investigation
S Kanaga Suba Raja, J. Austin Ben Das, K Deepak Kumar
Pages - 85 - 93     |    Revised - 31-05-2016     |    Published - 30-06-2016
Volume - 10   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - June 2016  Table of Contents
Image Fusion, Image Enhancement, Image Pyramids, Wavelet Transformation, Image Blending.
In the criminal investigation field, images are the principal forms for investigation and for probing crime detection. The imaging science applied in criminal investigation is face detection, surveillance camera imaging, and crime scene analysis. Digital imaging succors image manipulation, alteration and enhancement techniques. The traditional methodologies enhance the given image by improving the local or global components of the image. It proves a debacle since it engages noise amplification, block discontinuities, colour mismatch, edge distortion and checkerboard effects thereby limiting image processing tasks. To the same degree of enhancement, spurned artefacts are given rise. Thus to balance the global and local factors of the image and to weed out the tenebrous components; fusion of multiple alike images are performed to produce a meliorated image. The fusion is done by fusing a pyramid constructed image and a wavelet transformed image. The pyramid image and the wavelet transformed image are then fused through to afford a revealing image for better perception by the human visual system. The experimental results show that our proposed fusion scheme is effective and the fusion is applied over a surveillance camera image grab.
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Dr. S Kanaga Suba Raja
Department of Information Technology, Easwari Engineering College - India
Mr. J. Austin Ben Das
Easwari Engineering College - India
Mr. K Deepak Kumar
Easwari Engineering College - India