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Disparity Estimation by a Real Time Approximation Algorithm
Md. Abdul Mannan Mondal, Md. Haider Ali
Pages - 126 - 134     |    Revised - 30-06-2016     |    Published - 31-07-2016
Volume - 10   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - July 2016  Table of Contents
Stereo Matching, Quantization, Approximation, Stereo Corresponding, Disparity, Sum of Absolute Differences, Normalized Correlation.
This paper presents an approximation real time algorithm for estimating the disparity of the stereo images. The approximation is achieved by shrinking the left and right of original images. According to this method (i ) left and right images have been shrinked three times,(ii) the disparity image is computed from the shrinked left and right images to reconstruct the disparity image and extrapolate the disparity image to retrieve the original image size. The computational time of proposed algorithm is less than the existing methods, approximately real time and requires less memory space. This method is applied on the standard stereo images and the results show that it can easily reduce the computational time of about 76.34 % with no appreciable degradation of accuracy.
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1 Md. Abdul Mannan Mondal, Md. Haider Ali ( 2016 ). Disparity Estimation by a Real Time Approximation Algorithm. International Journal of Image Processing,10 (3),126-134
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Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan Mondal
University of Dhaka - Bangladesh
Mr. Md. Haider Ali
University of Dhaka - Bangladesh

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