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Image Registration using NSCT and Invariant Moment
Jignesh Sarvaiya, Suprava Patnaik, Hemant Goklani
Pages - 119 - 130     |    Revised - 30-04-2010     |    Published - 10-06-2010
Volume - 4   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - May 2010  Table of Contents
NSCT, Image Registration, Zernike Moment, Contourlet Transform
Image registration is a process of matching images, which are taken at different times, from different sensors or from different view points. It is an important step for a great variety of applications such as computer vision, stereo navigation, medical image analysis, pattern recognition and watermarking applications. In this paper an improved feature point selection and matching technique for image registration is proposed. This technique is based on the ability of nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) to extract significant features irrespective of feature orientation. Then the correspondence between the extracted feature points of reference image and sensed image is achieved using Zernike moments. Feature point pairs are used for estimating the transformation parameters mapping the sensed image to the reference image. Experimental results illustrate the registration accuracy over a wide range for panning and zooming movement and also the robustness of the proposed algorithm to noise. Apart from image registration proposed method can be used for shape matching and object classification. Keywords: Image Registration, NSCT, Contourlet Transform, Zernike Moment.
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Associate Professor Jignesh Sarvaiya
- India
Suprava Patnaik
- India
Hemant Goklani