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Cut-Out Animation Using Magnet Motion
Srinivas  Anumasa, Avinash Singh, Rishi Yadav
Pages - 353 - 357     |    Revised - 15-08-2013     |    Published - 15-09-2013
Volume - 7   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - September 2013  Table of Contents
Cut-Out Style Animation, Background Replacement, Magnets.
In this paper a new video-based interface for creating cutout-style animation using magnets is presented. This idea makes room for users of all skill levels to animate. We created an interface which is generally a closed box with a camera placed at the bottom. Roof of the box acts like a multi touch interface. A cast of physical characters are designed by the animator using paper, markers and scissor. If animator wants to animate using this physical characters, he pastes them to magnets (we call them as PMagnets) and place them under the roof (puppets facing the camera). These characters are controlled by other magnets (CMagnets) on the top of the roof. Here we require, a simple foreground extraction algorithm to extract the characters and to render them onto a new background. Our system “Cut-Out Animation using Magnet Motion” runs in real time (i.e 30 Frames/Sec). Therefore animator and the audience can instantly see the animation.
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Mr. Srinivas  Anumasa
Computer Science Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University Lucknow, 225003 - India
Mr. Avinash Singh
Computer Science Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University Lucknow, 225003 - India
Mr. Rishi Yadav
Computer Science Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University Lucknow, 225003 - India