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Script Identification In Trilingual Indian Documents
R. R. Aparna, R. Radha
Pages - 178 - 185     |    Revised - 01-06-2014     |    Published - 01-07-2014
Volume - 8   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - July 2014  Table of Contents
Script, Dilation, Boundary, Centroid, Zone, Blob, Bounding Box.
This paper presents a research work in identification of script from trilingual Indian documents. This paper proposes a classification algorithm based on structural and contour features. The proposed system identifies the script of languages like English, Tamil and Hindi. 300 word images of the above mentioned three scripts were tested and 98.6% accuracy was obtained. Performance comparison with various existing methods is discussed.
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Mr. R. R. Aparna
Research Department of computer Science S.D.N.B.Vaishnav college AFF. Madras University Chennai, 600043 - India
Mr. R. Radha
Research Department of computer Science S.D.N.B.Vaishnav college AFF. Madras University Chennai, 600043 - India