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Robust Digital Watermarking Scheme of Anaglyphic 3D for RGB Color Images
Chunxing Wang, Fei Han, Xiaomei Zhuang
Pages - 156 - 165     |    Revised - 31-05-2015     |    Published - 30-06-2015
Volume - 9   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - May / June 2015  Table of Contents
Digital Watermarking, RGB, Anaglyphic 3D Images, Spread Spectrum (SS) Watermarking Technique, Quantization Index Modulation (QIM), Robust Watermarking.
In this paper, digital watermarking technique using spread spectrum (SS) technology and adaptive DM (dither modulation) with the improved Watson perception model are applied for copyright protection of anaglyphic 3D images. The improved Watson perception model can well solve the problem that the slack do not change linearly as the amplitude scale. Experimental results show that the watermarking schemes provide resistance to Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, JPEG compression, constant luminance change and valumetric scaling; the scheme employing improved Watson perception model is better than the one using unimproved Watson perception model. Compared experiments with the works [4] and [19] were also carried out in experiments. On the other hand, the approach is not sensitive to the JPEG compression while the other based on QIM is not sensitive to constant luminance change and valumetric scaling.
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Professor Chunxing Wang
Shandong Normal University - China
Mr. Fei Han
Shandong Normal University - China
Dr. Xiaomei Zhuang
College of Physics & Electronics, Shandong normal university No.88 of East Wenhua Road, Jinan, 250014, P.R. China - China