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The Use of Java Swing’s Components to Develop a Widget
Dewi Agushinta R, Avinanta Tarigan, Egy Wisnu Moyo, Fitria Handayani Siburian, Sigit Widiyanto
Pages - 95 - 119     |    Revised - 31-01-2011     |    Published - 08-02-2011
Volume - 1   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - January / February 2011  Table of Contents
widget, web browser, Java Swing, desktop
Widget is a kind of application provides a single service such as a map, news feed, simple clock, battery-life indicators, etc. This kind of interactive software object has been developed to facilitate user interface (UI) design. A user interface (UI) function may be implemented using different widgets with the same function. In this article, we present the widget as a platform that is generally used in various applications, such as in desktop, web browser, and mobile phone. We also describe a visual menu of Java Swing’s components that will be used to establish widget. It will assume that we have successfully compiled and run a program that uses Swing components.
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Dr. Dewi Agushinta R
Gunadarma University - Indonesia
Mr. Avinanta Tarigan
- Indonesia
Mr. Egy Wisnu Moyo
- Indonesia
Mr. Fitria Handayani Siburian
- Indonesia
Mr. Sigit Widiyanto
- Indonesia